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Free Usage
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  • Phonebook lookups: 5/day
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€ 2.000 per Year
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  • Search with selectors: 200/day
  • Phonebook lookups: 25/day
  • Full historical access
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Send us an email to for individual plans. We offer bulk access for large organizations and licensing of our technology.

Search for Selectors

Intelligence X allows you to perform a search for these selector types:
  • Email address
  • Domain, including wildcards like *
  • URL
  • IP, CIDR. Both IPv4 and IPv6 are fully supported.
  • Phone Number
  • Bitcoin address
  • MAC address
  • IPFS Hash
  • Credit Card Number
  • Social Security Number
  • IBAN (International Bank Account Number)
  • ... and other internal ones like UUID, Storage ID, Simhash
In these categories
  1. Paste sites, including historical ones
  2. Darknet: Tor and I2P
  3. Wikileaks
  4. North Korea
  5. ... and soon more!


If you do not know the full selector, use the Phonebook option in the Advanced Menu to find the strong selector.
Archived documents

Inline view of archived HTML pages, PDFs, Word files, etc.

Whether the content is from the darknet, is a PDF file or a picture, you can safely view it without leaving the site.

Historical copies

Historical copies

Intelligence X has a huge historial dataset. Similar to the Wayback Machine, we enable you to go back in time and search historial copies of websites, documents, and much more.
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