Researcher API Identity Portal Enterprise
€ 2.500 /Year € 5.000 /Year € 7.500 /Year € 20.000 /Year
Accounts 1 user 1 user 1 user Multiple users 1)
Target Customer Individual Companies Companies Enterprise
Use Case Security Research Integration / OEM Advanced Security Research Teams
Access to πŸ—Έ πŸ—Έ πŸ—Έ πŸ—Έ
Access to πŸ—™ πŸ—™ πŸ—Έ2) πŸ—Έ2)
Selector Search 200 /day 500 /day 500 /day 5000+ /day
Phonebook Lookups 25 /day 100 /day 100 /day 2500+ /day
Alerts 10 included 100 included 100 included Unlimited
Download πŸ—Έ πŸ—Έ πŸ—Έ πŸ—Έ
Export (CSV, ZIP) 25 /day 100 /day 100 /day Unlimited
Search API3) Fair-use 4) πŸ—Έ πŸ—Έ πŸ—Έ
Leaks API5) πŸ—™ πŸ—™ πŸ—Έ πŸ—Έ
API Product Integration6) πŸ—™ πŸ—Έ πŸ—Έ πŸ—Έ
Bulk Access πŸ—™ πŸ—Έ πŸ—Έ πŸ—Έ
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Accounts 1 user 1 user 1 user 1 user
Target Customer
Use Case
Access to πŸ—Έ πŸ—Έ πŸ—Έ πŸ—Έ
Access to πŸ—™ πŸ—™ πŸ—™ πŸ—™
Selector Search 2 /day 50 /day 50 /day 50 /day
Phonebook Lookups 5 /day 10 /day 25 /day 10 /day
Alerts πŸ—™ πŸ—™ 10 included 10 included
Download πŸ—™ πŸ—™ πŸ—Έ πŸ—Έ
Export (CSV, ZIP) πŸ—™ πŸ—™ 2 /day 20 /day
Search API πŸ—™ Fair-use 4) Fair-use 4) Fair-use 4)
Leaks API πŸ—™ πŸ—™ πŸ—™ πŸ—™
API Product Integration6) πŸ—™ πŸ—™ πŸ—™ πŸ—™
Bulk Access πŸ—™ πŸ—™ πŸ—™ Fair-use 4)
  1. 5 users included. 1000 searches per day per user. Additional users may be added upon request and additional charge.
  2. The Identity Portal displays results line-by-line instead of the file preview, and allows to export leaked accounts. It uses the same data set as Read more below.
  3. The Search API is the regular API used by It allows to search for selectors (specific search terms) and list all results.
  4. Fair use means that the user shall not engage in usage of the API that goes against our Terms of Service such as mass scraping.
  5. The Leaks API is part of the Identity Portal and separate from the Search API.
  6. The API, Identity Portal and Enterprise licenses allow integrating the API into third-party products. All other licenses do not grant the right to integrate our API into third-party products.

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Identity Portal

The Identity Portal is a separate product. It is a different user interface that uses the same underlying data set, but processes and visualizes it differently.

List all lines where the search term appears in the results

This function searches for and lists all lines where a search term appears, and like, it searches across all data categories. Each line contains first the ID of the search result, which can be opened by clicking on it. The next columns show the file type and the data category, followed by the line where the search term appears.

This allows analysts to go over hundreds of results and quickly identify duplicates and relevant and irrelevant findings. The screenshots below show the lookup for Dmitry Badin, a supposed GRU member who allegedly hacked the German Bundestag.

List leaked accounts and export as CSV file

The second tab, “Export Leaked Accounts”, allows users to search for a domain or email and lists all potentially leaked accounts found for a target. It analyzes the password type, including the detection of various hashes, and provides information about the source.

It provides a download link to a CSV file listing all the results. Example CSV file:

There is a lot of engineering behind both functions since it reads all search results data in real-time, converts them to text, and analyzes the result to determine whether it is a leaked account. Given that Intelligence X searches more than 20 billion records, this can result in Gigabytes of data being processed for a single request.

Search for Selectors

Intelligence X allows you to perform a search for these selector types:
  • Email address
  • Domain, including wildcards like *
  • URL
  • IP, CIDR. Both IPv4 and IPv6 are fully supported.
  • Phone Number
  • Bitcoin address
  • Ethereum address
  • MAC address
  • IPFS Hash
  • Credit Card Number
  • Social Security Number
  • IBAN (International Bank Account Number)
  • ... and other internal ones like UUID, Storage ID, Simhash
In these categories:
  1. Paste sites, including historical ones
  2. Darknet: Tor and I2P
  3. Wikileaks & Cryptome
  4. Government sites of North Korea and Russia
  5. Data Leaks
  6. Whois Data
  7. Dumpster: Everything else
  8. Public Web



If you do not know the full selector, use the Phonebook option in the Advanced Menu to find the strong selector.

Archived documents

Inline view of archived HTML pages, PDFs, Word files, etc.

Whether the content is from the darknet, a PDF file, or a picture, you can safely view it without leaving the site.

Inline Statistics & Filters

Filter search results based on the data source, data type, or date. Click on the top-left statistics button to open it.

Inline statistics and filter

Historical copies

Historical copies

Intelligence X has a huge historical dataset. Similar to the Wayback Machine, we enable you to go back in time and search historical copies of websites, documents, and much more.