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We offer free access to schools and universities. To get free access, signup here with your university or school email address.
Accounts with a domain ending listed below are automatically upgraded to the "Academia" license.
  • International: edu
  • Argentina:,
  • Austria:,,,
  • Australia:
  • Azerbaijan:
  • Bangladesh:,
  • Belgium:,,,,
  • Brazil:,,,,
  • Bulgaria:,,
  • Canada:,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • Chile:
  • China:,
  • Colombia:
  • Czech Republic:,,,,,,,
  • Denmark:,,
  • Ecuador:
  • El Salvador:
  • Egypt:
  • Finland:,
  • France:,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • Germany:,,,,,,,,,,
  • Greece:
  • Hong Kong:,
  • India:,
  • Indonesia:
  • Iran:
  • Ireland:,,,,
  • Israel:
  • Italy:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • Japan:
  • Kenia:
  • Luxembourg:
  • Malaysia:,
  • Malta:
  • Mexico:,,
  • Morocco:
  • Netherlands:,,,,,,
  • New Zealand:
  • Norway:
  • Pakistan:
  • Peru:
  • Poland:,
  • Portugal:,,,,,,,,,,
  • Russia:
  • Serbia:
  • Singapore:
  • South Africa:
  • South Korea:
  • Spain:,,,,,,,
  • Sweden:,,,,
  • Switzerland:,,,,,,,,,,,, hes-so ch,,,,,,,,
  • Taiwan:
  • Turkey:,
  • Ukraine:
  • United Kingdom:,
  • United States:,,edu,,,,
  • Vietnam:
  • Zimbabwe:


Who is eligible?
Any member of a school and university. There are no country restrictions.
My university uses a domain which is not listed above!
Please contact us and we will add it.
Are there any restrictions?
Accounts may only be used for non-profit activity. Resale of accounts created under the academia program is prohibited.
How does the upgrade work? What do I have to do?
When you signup for an account, our system will check the domain of the email address. For example, a user with the email address "" will be upgraded automatically due to the ".edu" ending. You do not have to do anything manually other than signing up and clicking on the email verification link.
How do I know if it worked?
Once registered and activated, go to the account page. It will say "Congratulations! Your account was automatically upgraded".
Do you have an API?
Yes, please have a look at our Software Development Kit which contains the API documentation.
Do I have full access to everything with the Academia license?
For details and comparison with other licenses please see the product page. Full access to the "Private Leaks" category is exclusively available to paid licenses. Therefore you might see some results tagged as "PREVIEW".