Content Removal

We will remove search results that violate our Privacy Policy. Please note that we can only remove reported content from the search results and our cache. We cannot remove content from 3rd party websites and services.

Important information for reporting search results:

  • Please only use this form for reporting abuse. Sending it via email may result in a substantial delay, or it may get rejected by spam filters.
  • Please make sure any information provided is true, complete, and accurate otherwise we will reject the takedown request.
  • Please indicate in the message the specifics parts that are in violation of our privacy policy, otherwise we will reject the takedown request.
  • Your Name, Company and Email information are required, otherwise we will reject the takedown request.

In order to process the report, we need the unique identifiers (called "System ID") of the search results in question. The System ID can be found by clicking on the result (showing the detailed view), navigating to the Metadata tab, and finally, clicking "Show Expert Information". An example System ID is 46eee42d-0cb8-4231-8113-25581cf4d4e9.